Best Fishing Equipment was introduced to us by Jeff Mancini. This weapon of mass destruction targets all predatory species and is critical to have in any arsenal. If you order a full package from, please let us know your fishing results by contacting us here. We'd like to share your story, verbally on our tv series.

Dick Figgins IS Dick Nite and we're honored to know him. After all, his product has been around since practically forever! It's well known in the west for being one of the deadliest salmon and trout spoons of all time. We'll be using his product in many new episodes to come.

Brook & Dwight Pauley are some of the most honest business people we know. Their limestone sinkers are simple, effective, and a must have! Please invest $19.96 in the "110 Piece Special" for years of snag free fishing.

New from ProControll is the EZ Mount universal bracket that can be mounted virtually anywhere on a boat for use with most makes and models of transom mount trolling motors. Michael Rhodes focus is on integrity and quality along with world class service.

Big O Rods delivers the finest in service to create custom rods for nearly every style of fishing, from the lakes of the Rockies to the coastlines. This reflects their own abundance of expertise, growing up and fishing within these regions for all species. Whit and Brian use the finest stock to your specifications, which may also include your very own "signature series" rod.

GrillGrate CEO Brad Barrett joined us as an advertiser and great friend in 2010. We had an incredibly fun time shooting an episode with him and cooking our bountiful catch of trout on his incredible product. The level of quality to the BBQ is extraordinary. GrillGrate truly IS a "Must Have"!

We met Kerry Poulson and his terrific - and relatively new - product during the 2008 season of our show. We caught more trout in that episode, using the Automatic Fisherman, than in any other episode to date. If you ice fish, you'll want to be armed with at least 2 of these units.

James Barnett is a new friend with integrity & service that is 2nd to no one! Check out his full line of products and make him your #1 trusted online retailer.

We met John & Jennifer Gesik at ICAST this year and their new Gear Grabbar product is amazing! This magnetic device safely holds lures and tools via magnets, for easy reach and access! Buy a few of them at

Trevor Plaza and his parents Mark & Fay have created what is THE best granola we have ever tasted! Their Granola is born from an older era, made the way foods used to be made...with traditional ingredients that satisfy and fulfill. It's about what's in the product...not what's left out. Trevor, a United States Marine, serves God, our country, and great tasting granola - with honor.

KleinO's Rocky Mountain Jerky is the best we've ever had. They supply our cast and crew with a variety of delicious flavors. Buy some and you'll never get store bought again.

Rite in the Rain is ideal for fishers & hunters note taking needs when out in the field. All LIP'EM episodes are logged with this product as it's completely water resistant.

Dave Crowley of Crowley Marine takes personal care of our hero boat and camera boat for the show - and this is also where we bought our boats! Crowley Marine is located in Denver, CO and their online store takes care of boating & motor needs all over the USA

Yellow Bird Products, Inc. is a U.S.A. company located in Spring Grove, Illinois. It manufactures an extensive line of brand name fishing products for the fishing enthusiast. Some of the brands have been helping anglers catch fish since 1893.

It was a boyhood dream and the love of fishing that inspired Gary Miralles to begin inventing fishing lures at age 16. With nothing more than a soda pop can and a pair of tin snips, he built his first proto lure, the now titled Cripplure. Testing it first in the bath tub and later in a neighbors pool he worked that piece of metal until the shape was perfect and the action was right. Next he was off to one of his favorite fishing holes at Shasta Lake in Redding, California were he grew up. He caught his limit the first time out.

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