Fishing Outdoor Show Production for TV & Radio

LIP'EM & RIP'EM produced by Producers Ink and distributed through NBC Sports Network on the world's largest television network for outdoor field sports. We are Nielsen rated and our run of schedule per every quarter year is seen by an estimated 2.1 million viewers.

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LIP'EM & RIP'EM on the World Fishing Network - Starting in January of 2013 we will be televised on the World Fishing Network with new shows.

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TV Billboard Video Sample:

This brief clip is an example of "TV Billboards". This is national TV advertising which is embedded in each episode of LIP'EM & RIP'EM as seen nationally on television and in post-season online video streaming. These are purchased in quantities of 13 weeks (or 1 yearly quarter) at negotiable rates.

13 weeks of episodes might amount to 39 total national airings. Also, they are a tremendous value for those advertisers who do not yet have a :30 Second TV Spot to run. Typically, anyone who purchases a TV Billboard package is also seen in the show content itself, through active participation with our TV Spokesperson.

For our TV Billboard Advertisers, we share strategies to help turn website "visitors" in to "NEW CUSTOMERS". This is very effective targeted tv advertising that gets results.

Typically, we sell a billboard to 10 different advertisers. There are usually only a few vacancies, so please take control of your advertising and contact us as soon as possible for a quote.

NBC Sports Network Promo of LIP'EM & RIP'EM:

On Air & Video Promo for the Award-Winning Sportfishing TV Series LIP'EM & RIP'EM, as seen on the NBC Sports Network in 2011/2012.

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