Advertising on NBC's Fishing Show Lip'em & Rip'em

LIP'EM Ad Team knows how to measure and evaluate companies for ads that work within any budget.

We have the power of NBC Sports Network to sell products on television and online radio.

We bring advertisers to the world's largest outdoor field sports network for a low Ad CPM in 210 DMAs - and a Nielsen rated audience of 2.2 million per quarter.

We'll Make Ya Famous!

LIP'EM Production Team is comprised of Writers, Videographers, Editors, Animators, and Field Producers make up our production team.

Talented and fun to work with, they bring creativity and quality to the network brand.

Producer Bill Greene's outdoor sports credits include Benelli's Dream Hunts with Lee Horsley (VERSUS), Western Sportfishing with Lee Horsley (OUTDOOR CHANNEL), American Equestria (PSN), and many broadcast tv spots.

Contact us to write and produce a story about your favorite area fishery, resort, or new product!

FISH BIG Team is cut from a group of expert fishermen and pro staff. These guys are in the field, every week in fisheries all over the U.S. They know the territory for freshwater, saltwater, and ice.

On air spokespersons include Shannon "Lefty" Larsen of Colorado and Greg Giacomazza of Utah - with others upcoming.

We look forward to introducing new people, places, & products as we grow.

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